how it works

Richard Neasham is a tailor of fine repute. He services the entire Midlands area and is known for his master craftsmanship across the UK. Neashams Personal Tailoring works at hours when you are free! If you give us a call, we come over to your home or office to take the best measurements for a suit, tuxedo or made to measure shirts.
Neasham's personal tailoring works when you are free. We cover the whole of the Midlands area. Our service is prompt and we deliver on our promise to offer the best suits and jackets. You can visit us at the home studio and we can also travel to your home and place of business.
With the best suiting ranges for men, Richard Neasham is the best hand to work on your dapper wedding suit. With some of the best fabrics sourced from cloth merchants such as Scabal Holland and Sherry, Dugdale brothers and Bateman Ogden and Huddersfield Textiles, Richard Neasham offers you sartorial elegance and style.
As a tailor of repute, Richard crafts the best suits and shirts, jackets and made to measure suits for clients. All his garments have been exemplary and his clients super happy with the professional service. He has an unbeatable reputation in tailoring the best wedding suits for men. With 26 years as a tailor, Neashams Personal Tailoring has successfully dressed grooms and best men for that memorable wedding day! If you would like a taste of the wedding suits at Neashams Personal Tailoring, here‘s how to go about it!

The Initial Consultation

Nearly 1 to 1.5 hours is the duration for measurements to be taken. Richard Neasham offers personalised attention to details. You can select from the vast collection of fabrics and linings, details about the craftsmanship and the styles to help deliver on the promise of a fabulous suit!

The Fitting Session

The entire measurement for a wedding suit may take from half an hour to an hour at the most. Richard pays attention to all details. He takes his time to familiarise himself with his client and then ask for a fitting trial. If there are no adjustments needed, Richard hands over the suit without any tweak and correction in a couple of days. He also ensures that the delivery is prompt and on time. You can ask for the suit to be delivered at your doorstep or even try collecting it from our studio.